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August in Review

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Wow September is already here and rolling by fast!

Only 19 days until my 45th birthday. I think this is going to be my best year yet! I’m excited and can’t wait!

But I’m not here to write about September just yet.

August came to a blazing end this year with the end of the My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge and the end of the Down and Dirty in 30 challenge over at Shrinking Jeans.

I feel I did really well during August with 1008 minutes of exercise, 26 miles put in on the road, and 3 pounds lost.

This month I also found out that I’m going to need to put my thyroid to rest. It’s come out of remission and is acting the fool again. It’s on it’s hyperactive role again and I’m back on anti-thyroid meds to try to control this crazy thing. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t cause the jitters, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, sweating, rapid and strange heartbeat, shortness of breath, random diarrhea (yeah, that’s the worst!).. the list goes on. But I do feel that this is helping in my weight loss endeavors.  Nothing like having a jacked-up revved-up metabolism helping you out.

So for now I’m back on the pills but it looks like we’re going to irradiate this sucker in November.  We’ve got a couple more test to do that are having to wait until October to be done because I can’t take time from work in September.  It’s a crazy situation for sure.

Killing the thyroid will create a constant state of hypothyroidism and as a result a sluggish metabolism. I’m sure my eating is going to have become super clean for me to maintain and lose weight.  I will have to get back into the weight room, no excuses. Combine that with my trek into the pre-menopausal years and I’m pretty much guaranteed to remain a bucket of lard. Unless I become super-active woman.  So in addition to the jogging/running and bellydance I want to add hooping and weight training.

I don’t even want to think about the logistics of taking a large dose of I-131.  No closer than 6 feet to any other human, complete quarantine from pregnant women, children, and  small pets, no sleeping with the hubs, flushing the toilet 3 times after every use, eating on paper plates… and more for 3-4 days.

November is not going to be my favorite month this year.

But right now I’m going to put August to rest and focus on September.


5 Responses to "August in Review"

We had to deal with zapping a thyroid and then dealing with a sluggish thyroid with, of all things, our cat. Having to maintain a proper, delicate balance of medication was key to a happy, healthy feline.

Of course, a cat’s thyroid problem can’t compare to what you’re going through. But it sounds as if you’re prepared to handle this challenge and persevere with the health and fitness plan. Kudos!

Poor kitty. It’s pretty common in cats but that still doesn’t make it easier for sure. I’m not looking forward to this but will get through it.

😦 Not cool! Keep putting a dent in it though. Thyroid issues are not cool. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible and that you are up and at it again soon.

I’m so sorry that you are dealing with this. I’ll be thinking of you!

Congrats on the completed challenges!!!!
I hope that everything goes smoothly for you!!! Will be thinking of you!!!

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