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The Pantry Purge Project

Posted on: August 16, 2010

I decided to participate in the Pantry Purge. This month’s project from Team Shrinking Jeans.

My cupboards always look neat because I’m a neat freak.  I want all the cans lined up and the boxes in order. So it doesn’t appear that I have a lot of useless old stuff on my shelves. Oh, how I deceive me!

Let’s start with this shall we.Yes, that “use by” date is March 2008 and is printed on a can of sweetened condensed milk.  Do you know what happens to sweetened condensed milk as it ages? It caramelizes. Sort of. It turns a nice light caramel color. It doesn’t sour but it’s not something I would want to cook with.

Next up, the Jello collection.

I found 4 more boxes after I took the pic.

This is 13 of the 17 boxes of jello that I had on the shelves. I know this stuff is old because the two boxes that I bought last winter had “use by” dates on them. This stuff had no “use by” dates. I kept only the two boxes that I bought in January.

Here’s a stack of the other stuff that I threw away.I took a little inventory.

2- sweetened condensed milk- exp 2008

2- evaporated milk- exp 2009

crisco shortening- exp 2008

Boxed potatoes- use by 2009

boxed stuffing- use by 2008

Chicken bouillon cubes- exp 2009

Beef bouillon cubes – exp 2003!!!

Various beef spice rubs- exp 2008

Cotton candy milk mix (uck!) exp 2007

Banana milk mix- exp 2008

Powdered Au Jus Mix- exp 2006

Onion Gravy Mix – exp 2008

I also found 2 new unopened 10X sugar and 3 opened 10X sugars. They tasted okay so I kept them. Maybe I’ll do a lot of baking this coming holiday.

My shelves now look like this.

Baking items, boxed goods

canned food

The top shelf is all baking items. Tons of chocolate chips, sugar, Karo syrup… too bad I don’t bake often. The bottom shelf is muffin mix, oats, and spice mixes, things the husband cooks.

Then the other cupboard is canned food, pastas, nuts, etc. I have way too much pasta and rice for someone who doesn’t eat pasta and rice. That container next to the peanut butter is full of rice.

What am I going to do with all this stuff?


4 Responses to "The Pantry Purge Project"

better safe than sorry, but it must have been difficult to throw all that food away!

It wasn’t too bad. A lot of that stuff was so old I knew I wouldn’t use it. I just felt a bit guilty for not using it up in a timely manner.

hooray!!! well, all the food pantries always need dried goods! or you can make some friends some casseroles if you don’t eat it!

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