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Slow… it’s the new fast – Jim Herrin Memorial Stampede

Posted on: August 14, 2010

After the 5k. My bondi band is so awesome in the GA heat.

So I ran a 5K this morning. The first one since 2005. I did end up walking/jogging/walking… wogging… struggling… whatever you want to call it.  It was not easy in the Georgia humidity. Even at 7:30 it was already about 97% humidity and just hot.

I was not the most fashionable woman there.. even though I was sporting my beloved Bondi Band.

I was not the fastest woman there. I came in 8th for my age group.

I was not the thinnest woman there. Duh!

I was not the fattest woman there. Surprised me actually. I was so proud of the larger women who were walking the 5K. Getting out and doing stuff! That’s the way to get healthy!

I was not the most anything. And I’m good with that.  I started it. I finished it.

I was a little worried starting off. I hurt my foot last night at dance. Probably muscle cramps or something but I took a couple of Advil for the pain. I woke up at 5:10AM this morning. Got my Coke Zero and ate some yogurt. Then right before I left home I drank a dose of Pepto.  I could not end this run like the run on Monday. I wanted to dance happy across the finish line not in pain or embarrassment from runner’s gut.

I started at the back of the pack with the walkers. I didn’t want to get run over in the front and I knew I was going to be slow. There were some walkers that finished ahead of me. That’s okay. I’m building up endurance and stamina and I know over time my finish time will improve. By the time the gun went off the foot was feeling fine.

I have some trouble getting my breathing right at the beginning of a run. So I kept it slow and steady and walked up the first small hill. The rest of the first half was a nice slope down hill and I jogged for most of that.  I walked a little at about the halfway mark and after that I ended up doing intervals. 5-10 minute runs with a short walks in between.

Just after the halfway mark I notice my lower back tightening up and realized I had been so busy watching everyone ahead of me that I had forgotten to check my form. So I softened my knees and released my back. Tightened the abs and lead with my chest. That would have been so helpful at the beginning. By the time I remembered to do it I was so hot and tired and hot. Not really tired. But it was so humid it was just hard to breathe. I love my early morning in the dark runs when the temp is still in the upper 70’s and the sun isn’t beating down.

As I turned the corner to head back to the finish the sun was out and was burning. Literally, I could feel it sear the side of my face. That was horrible and a feeling I would have been better off without.  As I came up on the last turn towards the finish I remembered something I read from someone’s else blog… turn the corner in a run and smile for the cameras. I didn’t know if there was going to be camera’s there are not but i was not going to walk through the finish.  So I picked up my feet and jogged around the corner to the finish.

As I come down the slope into the parking lot I see my BFF.  She’s waving and yes.. she has a camera.  Like every belly dancer on the planet at the sight of the camera I had to stop and pose.  OMG! I was so happy to see her. She made my race by being there. I love that girl so much. She’s like my sister from another Momma.  I ran over gave her a big hug and she jumped in the road with me and we were jogging and talking toward the finish line. Then she tells me she’s got to run ahead so she can take a picture of me running through under the clock.  So what do I do… jog in place until she’s ready 🙂  LOL  Folks on the side were laughing at me.  She gets in position and I jog under the big time clock with my hands in the air laughing like a crazy fool.  I’ll share the pics when I get them. She hung out with me while I cooled off and got something to eat and we watched my friend Autumn come in from her 10K.

Once my BFF left I hung with Autumn and she introduced me to some race people and showed me how to check my times on the board. I was 8th for my age group and next month I move up into the next bracket.

It was fun and interesting and I’ll be doing it again in just a couple of weeks 🙂


2 Responses to "Slow… it’s the new fast – Jim Herrin Memorial Stampede"

this is awesome! i’m so proud of you! 8th place?! that’s amazing! you are inspiring me to run a 5k now!

WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!! Keep up the good work!!! I am getting a little nervous for mine..
->thanks for the inspiration!!!

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