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What is a Vacation?

Posted on: July 8, 2010

What do you think of when you think of vacation?

Getting away from work? Getting away from the ho-hum boredom or chores of daily life?

Is getting away from your work-outs part of vacation? Are your work-outs so ho-hum and boring that you need a vacation from them? Do you look at them the way you look at your daily chores? Do you lump them in the same category as vacuuming or cleaning the toilets?


Why do we think vacation includes not working out? Do you quit brushing your teeth when you go on vacation? Do you quit taking a bath when you go vacation? Why would you not take care of your muscles and the rest of your body on vacation?

Even when I’m not on a diet or trying to lose weight I still try to be active on vacation. Even if it’s to walk around the block a few times to get the hell away from people.

Discuss below please.


3 Responses to "What is a Vacation?"


We are planning a famliy vacation soon for Jan of next year. Hadn’t thought about exercise then.

But we will be flat out with the boys during that time as well, amusement parks, beaches…….SHOPPING…lol

I doubt I will exercise as all the stuff I will be doing is exercise.

Plus when I go away I want to relax, and not worry about the day to day things like exercise I will be there to have fun with my boys.

I exercise on vacation because I want to and have the time!

Sometimes we actually plan our getaways on the activity itself, like bringing along our bikes to ride new trails.

I’ve just got three weeks of vacation and I’ve exercised more than the weeks prior to my vacation. I exercise during vacation because it’s a part of my life and I have more time to do it so that makes it easier.

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