Finally Getting Fit

The Woman Challenge

Posted on: July 6, 2010

Back in May I signed up for The Woman Challenge at

Check out the fancy trophy case.

I was doing really well until the last 3 weeks. When I started focusing on learning to run/jog again I let the muscle strength training fall by the wayside.

I’ve always been a kind of all or nothing gal and I just have to figure out how to get 3 different kinds of physical activity into my schedule without burning out.



Strength training

I’d love to add yoga on Wednesday nights but I’m afraid I’ll crash and burn again. It’s happened so many times to me I’ve lost count.

Strength training twice/week was an integral part of the challenge. Now I could have cheated and gone in a changed the goal to zero but I just couldn’t do it. I KNOW I need to strength train and it’s more important than ever now that I’ve hit the mid-40’s with a whack.

I have to make a schedule and stick to it and leave a day or two towards the end for flexibility. Dance in the only thing that isn’t flexible. Tuesdays and Thursdays without fail. Must be there. I’m part of a group. It’s not fair to the other gals when someone doesn’t show up. It’s so hard to work on choreography with missing people.

I could run Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Weights on Sunday and Friday.

Wait. There’s no rest day in there.

Sunday is off limits. Amen. The end.

So weights Tuesday and Friday? I’ll give that a shot. Except I’ve screwed up this already. I didn’t run Monday.

Oh well. Moving forward. Not looking back. I think I make it on down a little further.


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