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And then there was Cake

Posted on: June 22, 2010

My daughter recently turned 18. She decided she wanted this cake for her birthday.

She drew this. She is quite the artist and has been accepted to the University of South Florida Theater program based on her art skills.  She didn’t want this cake to come from a grocery store bakery. Sorry, Publix and Kroger. You just aren’t good enough for this gal.

So we set off to find a baker close by. My Avon lady recently turned 60 and had a big bash so I found who baked her cake. It was a fabulous topsy-turvy cake with a giant 60 on top.  I called Chef Tammy and sent her the picture. She’s only a few miles from my home and works out of a bakery that she built behind her house. She’d be delighted she said and oohed and aahed and gushed over the art work.  This is what we got.

She was so thrilled. This only a 1/4 sheet cake. It’s two layers of mango flavored cake with vanilla butter cream frosting covered in a layer of fondant. I think she did an excellent job on the hibiscus blooms. And yes, those blooms next to the numbers are edible!!! They are just beautiful.

What really suprised me was the vanilla. I’ve had so many grocery store bakery cakes that use vanilla flavoring and not real vanilla that I had forgotten what it really tasted like. Real vanilla has a cinnamony sort of flavor to it. It really knocks you off your feet when you taste it. I think the last time I had it was in my wedding cake 25 years ago.  It puts those grocery store cakes to SHAME.  You hear people talk about boring things as being vanilla. Meaning it’s plain and flavor-less. That’s not the case with real vanilla extract. It is if your talking about flavorings though.

I love this cake. I could eat this whole thing. I’ve had 1 small piece every day for 3 days now and I keep nibbling at the frosting.  The boy is eating huge chunks of this though so it’s going fast. We finally had to move the flowers last night so the girl could get her some more of it.

I’ll try to get better pics of the flowers posted soon. I want another occasion to order another cake. LOL  Yeah, it’s THAT good.


3 Responses to "And then there was Cake"

That is a gorgeous cake! It looks so much like her drawing too! I love real vanilla too, but don’t get it very often. I made a double decker brownie cake for my daughters 16th bday last week… and put frosting inbetween the layers. It was finally finished by my son last night… it was SO hard NOT to eat some of that but I was afraid I’d attack and eat to much if I even started. Cakes, brownies, donuts, etc. are my weakness. You are so strong to only have a small piece very day with how good it is!! 🙂

vanilla can be hard to pull off, but it is so yummy when done right!

I actually bought vanilla beans and have homemade vanilla extract in my pantry that I use for my baking. It is excellent 🙂

Beautiful cake! I love your daughter’s picture of it.

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