Finally Getting Fit

Learning New Tricks

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Well, not really.  They are old tricks that I just forgot about.

Actually, they aren’t even tricks.

Yesterday I decided to do week 1 of Couch to 5K. I woke up, ate a banana, threw on the MP3 with DJSteveBoys C25K week 1 mix and off I went.

And it was good! I finished 2.13 miles in 35 minutes. My pace was good (for me), my breathing was good and I am just at the point that I could keep going just a bit at the end of each run interval if I really pushed myself. I finished the run on the song Time Goes Slowly by Madonna. Great song. Especially this line:

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
No time to hesitate
Those who run seem to have all the fun

Very apt for the end of a run/walk session.

When I got home Coach was gone. He was off buying a chainsaw to cut up the tree that the wind knocked over. I came in, got a giant glass of water, and sat down to tweet my run and log it into daily mile. The I went out to help with the tree removal. A couple of hours later I’m hot, nauseous, and I’ve got a headache.  Now I took my water with me. Every time I’d haul a wheelbarrow of limbs I’d go by and take a big slug of water.

I forgot to eat breakfast!

I forgot to eat!! I have to say that again because I have NEVER. FORGOTTEN. TO. EAT.

Holy smack. How could I forget to eat? That just doesn’t happen to me. Let me tell you. It laid my ass out! I ended up doing about 3 hours of yard work. Took a shower, laid on the bed til the nausea went away. Grabbed a powerade zero out of the fridge and a spoonful of peanut butter.  Got back in the bed cowering from the light and noise and finally slept for a couple of hours.  I am still not feeling 100% today but a tad bit better than yesterday.

I had to slog through my workout this morning but I got in my 30 minutes.

Lesson, children, don’t do heavy manual labor without sustenance and loads of water. Your body will not like you.


1 Response to "Learning New Tricks"


Hope you are back up to par today!

Holy schnikes.

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