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Wednesday Weigh-in

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Chips and cake and Chinese food, and Pizza do not do a body good.  I gained 3 pounds this week. I feel like a big old bloated mess.

My exercise minutes: 125.  It’s just a bit more than my 30 min/day goal so I guess I’ll have to be okay with it.

I’m going to get a big glass of water now.


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5 Responses to "Wednesday Weigh-in"

Remember to get the water in! That will help with bloat.

Yeah, it was a challenging weekend but we’re going to have those, aren’t we. Just being aware of what went wrong is what’s going to enable you to ‘get back on your horse’ and turn it all around. I know next week will be a different story for you (especially since all that cake is finally gone. lol)

You’ll totally get back on track this week! Good luck!

it happens! and hopefully it will all disappear in a couple days! then next week it will look like a huge loss!! have a great week!

Water is great!

Dont be so hard on yourself with the cakes and snacky things. We all make choices that may not be the best, and we can just accept them and move on. I find that remembering that eating junk can make me feel crappy, then make the decision if the junk food is worth the feeling. sometimes it is, and I totally get that, but many times it is not. 🙂

And, a gain this week from junk food may equal a loss next week from eating better! 🙂

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