Finally Getting Fit

Wednesday Weigh-in

Posted on: May 26, 2010

Today is the 3rd weigh-in of the My Long Hot Active Summer challenge.  Wow, that’s a mouth full of words.

It’s been such a great week. Besides being busy with my girl. This is her last week of high school and she doesn’t even have to go. She exempted all her finals. But she’s having some high school drama just the same.  I tell her this is the part you never miss but nothing makes the hurt hurt less except time.  And then there’s the fact that our old dog is getting worse and the girl is seeing the future there. Charli is paralyzed on one hind leg and but has had partial control. Now the girl says it’s getting worse, that the dog has less control of the leg and she’s getting incontinent. We’re not going to let her suffer. When the time is right we’ll take care of her. The girl knows this but it breaks her heart. We’ve had Charli for 9 years, since she was a puppy and she’s a sweet old girl. A bit possessive but she’s sweet. She got ornery yesterday and cornered my tiny dog, Izzy. I don’t think she would have hurt her, she backed down right away and gave a look that said “Whut? Whudda I do?”  Now Izzy doesn’t want to go in the back  yard where she is at all! It’ll take her a month to get over that trauma. Oh my poor wimpy little dog.

I got two blogger awards. A Beautiful Blogger from Aylith and  Sunshiny Blogger from Sylvia. Once I get this weekend graduation and family visit over I’ll fulfill my obligations of accepting those. Thank you so much ladies for thinking of me.

Now on to the scaley goodness. Oh. Well. That doesn’t sound right but it is.  Ya’ll know that I have been working my butt off the last 3 weeks. The first didn’t budge and the second week I gained a 1.5 pounds.  I’ve been tracking my workouts through DailyMile and through the Women’s Activity tracker. I’ve eaten more veggies and less junk and you all have read my no sugar challenge from Josie at YumYucky. I had a new pair of shorts that showed my progress last week. I got to wear them once before they were too big in the waist. Y’all didn’t get to see that.

And finally the scale is showing progress.

Finally! Finally! You get your gears and sockets together. Took ya long enough.

And yes, I’m sporting a new fancy purple toenail polish courtesy of my success and saying no to sugar for 5 days.  I went down and let the sweet little Vietnamese lady at the nail shop down the street do that for me.

That’s 2.5 pounds lost for the week.

My activity for the week include EAS Active for Wii workouts, Day 1 of Couch to 5K, walking, and dance.

275 Minutes worth of lung-busting-sweat-dripping-calf-straining activity.

Did I tell ya this? I even mapped some routes near where I work and now my co-workers are walking up to 1.5 miles per day at lunch time. 🙂  Share the fitness. Share the love.  I’ll be by to visit you later. Leave a spot in the comments for me. 🙂


5 Responses to "Wednesday Weigh-in"

Very cool! Always fun to see that scale go in the right direction!Congratulations. Sorry about your dog. 😦 It’s always hard to watch our kids reallize things and be hurt by them. And yeah – highschool ends eventually. I’m one of the ones who never looked back! She’ll make it, especially with such a supportive mom.

YaY 2 lbs gone for good!!!! Great job.

Congrats on the 2.5 lb loss. Love the lunch time walks! Keep it up!

i love it! congrats congrats! you are inspiring me to get back on track with my eating! keep it up!

Congrats on the loss this week! Great job!

Sorry about your dog. We recently had to let my childhood dog go. We got her when I was 8, and I’m 24 now. She had cancer, and was blind, deaf, and arthritic. When they get so old and sick, you just have to think of what is best for them. At least you and your daughter have time to say goodbye to your dog.

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