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7-day No Sugar Challenge

Posted on: May 18, 2010

Josie over at Yum Yucky decided to go 7 days with no sugar. Call her crazy. I did. Then I decided to join her. Here’s the details of her no sugar challenge. It’s all about ADDED sugar. Natural sugars are A-OK. Can’t give up those nutritious fruits now can we. Go read it and then join me why don’t ya. It could be interesting.

I challenged my daughter to go 5 days with no sugar. Not a small feat for the Dr. Pepper drinking, cereal bar eating high school Senior. On the last week of school no doubt. I told her if we can go 5 days (Mon-Fri) we’ll go get Mani-pedis.  She bit that hook like a starving fish.  Yesterday was tough for her. She didn’t want to eat her regular Cheerios cereal bar but didn’t like the Greek yogurt and was grumpy as an old man. So I told her to grab one of her Dad’s Zone bars. At least that has a decent amount of protein and she was pressed for time as usual. Well, later that night we discovered the Zone bars have MORE sugar than the Cheerios bar. WTH??? Why does the health food (and I use that term loosely) have MORE sugar than the junk food? She did good and resisted the Starburst that were offered her and was feeling quite proud of herself for saying no.  I picked her up some bagel things and cream cheese after work so she would have something for breakfast.

My nutrition wasn’t spot-on yesterday but I’ve had much worse.

B: Egg sandwich with 2% cheese and Arnold flat bun.

Didn’t give the brownies, punch, candy, cookies a second glance at Senior Honors Award day 🙂 Okay, I did take a second look at the brownies but they didn’t look homemade and so they weren’t hard to pass up.

L: Jr cheeseburger w/mayo

D: Baja Fish Taco

No fruit, no veggies. Just a rough day all around.

I hit the Wii Active workout first thing yesterday and got my last therapy session in. Les killed me with the weights before giving me a big hug and letting me go. Then it was back to work for the first time since surgery.  Today I’ll take 2 fruits and some frozen veggies with me to work.


2 Responses to "7-day No Sugar Challenge"

You’re setting a GREAT example for your daughter. Even if she grumps about it, she sees what her momma is doing. Kids don’t forget that kind of stuff! I can’t wait to here all about the end results. 🙂

That’s so great that you’re doing this challenge with your daughter. Looking forward to seeing you both succeed.

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