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Getting Ready For The Weekend

Posted on: May 14, 2010

Today’s weekend advice brought to you by: Skwigg

Weekends can be hard times for every body. Cook-outs, camping trips, trips to the beach, grocery shopping (all that food!), parties, weddings, etc.  I see people every Monday beating themselves up over eating a slice of grandma’s pineapple upside down cake or having two hotdogs instead of one or going with the kids to the ice cream shop. It’s time to stop! Just STOP.

I’m borrowing these questions from Renee (with a little paraphrasing):

Did you:

Enjoy your workouts?

Get enough sleep?

Eat mostly healthy whole foods?

Drinking plenty of water?

Watching your portions?

Have fun?

Healthy behaviors create a healthy body.  Do the deed and the results will follow.  It may cause a tiny crimp in your weekly weight loss schedule.  You may feel like crap the next day.  But you have to be able to see the big picture.  Will one day in the week of off-nutrition or sitting on  your butt ruin your plan.  Not likely. The trick is to make it just one day and not 3.  A lot of people see Friday night, Saturday, Sunday as one big day.  No.  No.  No! Pick one for your splurge day.  Have a plan.  Don’t go off into the danger zone unarmed.

Save your sanity.  Don’t try to have a perfect weekend.  You set yourself up for failure.  Guaranteed.  Make a plan to incorporate some fun movement and fun food into your weekend, surround it by people and healthy food that you love so that you can face Monday morning with a song in your heart and smile on your face.  And if the damn scale shows that your weight is up by .32047394827 then so what! To make the weight loss long-lasting you have to make this a lifestyle. I am living proof that if you don’t change the lifestyle you will gain all the weight back. I’ve done it. Multiple times and I’m getting too old to keep on doing this. I keep packing on more and more pounds every time. I don’t want to be 90 and still trying to lose weight. I want to be 90 and kicking up my heels on the dance floor in completely age inappropriate club wear.

Look forward. To the big picture. To LIFE.

(In case you missed her link in the side bar: here’s the link to  Skwigg and if you don’t have time to read her blog archives make sure you check out her Stuff To Read page. It’s worth every second of your time.)


5 Responses to "Getting Ready For The Weekend"

I loved that! have a great weekend! 🙂

Personally, if I have made a commitment to myself I am more comfortable STICKING WITH IT than looking for reasons to relax it. Something to eat is not more important to me than that. A workout that energizes me will let me enjoy my other activities even more so I will maintain my priorities.

Our lives can become filled with “special occasions” that turn into excuses again and again and again. I learn to deal with these daily events in a real-world way or there will always be another excuse….

At the gym where I work, Mondays are always the busiest and Fridays the quietest. What an emotional drain it can be to go on this roller coaster week after week!

agreed! some people cant give themselves a “cheat day” or a day off because it causes a downward trend but i cannot lose weight/stay motivated w/o cutting myself some slack every once in awhile.

but hey, to each his/her own right?

I like to read Swiggs blog. She always has a way with words, you know?

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