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Weekly Weigh-in: End of Week 1

Posted on: May 12, 2010

It’s been a week since I’ve joined the “My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge” and it’s time to re-cap.

I have exercised 5 out 7 days. That is 5 days more than I exercised all of last month so I consider that much progress.

In fact I would consider that silver star progress.

No gold stars until I hit my goal of 6 out of 7 days. I did hit my minutes goal.  My goal is 210 minutes/week and this week I got my rear in gear for an amazing 225 minutes.  I know that’s not much for you guys and gals that are walking and treadmilling 2 hours or more every day but this is a big deal for me.  My goal had to be something that would be a challenge for when I go back to work (starting back on Monday) With a 45 minute commute morning and evening I find it hard to fit in that measly 30 minutes of purposeful activity every day. I have let myself slip into a couch coma ever since my shoulder messed up. Even though nothing was wrong with me legs that would have kept me from walking or getting on the elliptical.

My eating was not so hot. I give myself a rusty dusty dirty covered in slime star for my efforts at eating healthy. Actually, no. I did better than that. I didn’t have any candy. And by candy I mean jelly beans and gummies and chocolate bars. None this week. I did have 3 chocolate covered strawberries. I think the Kroger deli got in a hurry with these because if I had covered those babies they would have had much more chocolate on them. These were more fruit than chocolate and so big one berry covered my palm.  I did have 2 donuts on Sunday. I’ve eaten grilled fish and steamed veggies about 4 times this week.  Oh wait, there was cake. The girl brought cake home from a party she had at school. So I’m finding a balance here and I’m sure it’s going to keep getting better.

So because of the poor diet. The scale stayed the same.

And that’s the end of Week 1.

Stuck scale, donuts, cake, grilled fish, steamed veggies, lots more of moving my feet to the beat of my drummer.


12 Responses to "Weekly Weigh-in: End of Week 1"

That was a cute post! I’m proud of you! especially for doing this challenge with an injured shoulder, you’ve got guts! Awesome job on exceeding your minutes goal! Stay active, and your weight-loss will come! 🙂

Great job on getting that exercise in. Umpteen years ago I worked for a “nationally recognized weight loss program” and I used to tell my people to try to get in 210 minutes of exercise a week. That equals out to 30 minutes a day x 7 days a week. A perfect place to start. You did better than that. Believe me, eventually you will want to and will find time to do a bit more here and there. I’m no 2 hour a day person – I have a life – I work full time. But, I have reached the point where I probably get in 45-60 minutes a day most days of the week and that’s something I keep up. Good luck on a better week 2!

Love your stars for yourself – sorry about that rusty slime covered one tho! 🙂 Hey, everyone has moments , I ate an entire bowl of ice cream yesterday. Chocolate. Yumm…..uh, never mind. Anyway – you exercised a LOT this week, and I’d say the silver star more than makes up for the other one! Congrats, and pat yourself on the back for the good work. No gain is a good gain!

Good for you exceeding your exercise goal–I think that deserves a gold star even if you don’t! And no weight loss is at least no weight gain!

Hey great job with the minutes!!! That’s just the start of awesome things to come to you!

Here’s to an even better week!

Great job on the excercise! 5 days is awesome, especially if you aren’t usually active. LOL at the rusty dusty dirty covered in slime star; I’m sure you can polish it up and make it shiny.

Nice work on the exercise!!! Everything will fall into place soon enough and the weight will roll off. 🙂

That exercise amount is good so don’t beat yourself up. It is tough to get in 6 days of working out. This challenge is what has got me all revved up. Before this I was lucky to get in 3 days of 30mins, and that has just been since around mid-January and wasn’t even every single week. And before that I NEVER ever exercised.

When you get your eating on track this week and work out like you plan then I know you are going to have a wonderful lost. You can do it!

I love your post and I love all of your comments. Thanks for all of your support so far. We are on a long journey but together we can do it.

Don’t beat yourself up with the eating! Sometimes, just getting good food is best, and those strawberries around great!

That is awesome progress of getting more workout days in than last month. Super job over-reaching your activity goal! Staying the same is surely better than gaining. 🙂

It’s great to get inspiration from others but no need to compare. As long as you’re doing all you can do, that’s all that matters. Maintaining (especially when you enjoyed the things you enjoyed) is a task in and of it self. Looking forward to a loss next week. 😉

Great job on the minutes!!!
You will reach your gold star that is for sure!!!


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