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This Dog’s Not Too Old To Learn New Tricks

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Yesterday I went to the store around noon time. I really shouldn’t go before I eat. I know I know. I stocked up on all kinds of fruit. Apples, Orange, Grapes, Strawberries. They had the giant chocolate covered strawberries left over from Mother’s Day on sale for half price so I got a bucket of those too 🙂 There were only 6 in the bowl so they were gone rather quickly. I had two and the family got the rest of them. Those were some of the biggest strawberries I have ever seen. I wish I had taken a picture or two before they were all gone but I didn’t think about it.

I did buy one veggie. An artichoke. I have been saying for years that I was going to learn to cook one. I love them in dip but I’ve always been a little intimidated by them. They were on sale also. 2/$4. I hope that’s a sale anyway. I got one. I used to work with a gal named Ann that loved to eat steamed artichoke and she would tell me how easy they were but cooking such a strange and pointy veggie just seemed beyond my talents. I guess I was feeling adventurous yesterday because before I knew it I had on in my buggy.

I didn’t delve right in to this new cooking adventure when I got home. I made me some lunch. A nice turkey sandwich with Laughing Cow cheese and sat down to read some blogs. I have one more week off from work so I have to get in as much internet surfing as I can. The first place I went was Five Full Plates.  The gals over there are fabulous and they will challenge you every month with something new. This month it’s about learning something new. Click here to read all about it. Lydia is just fabulous! (They all are really.) How appropriate since I just bought a new veggie to learn to cook.  I think I’ll try something new every week this month.  That post got me off my rear and into the kitchen.  Then back to the computer to look up the instruction on how to cook this thing.

Mr. Google to the rescue. I found this article from Simply Recipes on how to cook and eat an artichoke. With pictures! Fabulous! I can do this. Yes I can.  My artichoke didn’t quite look like the one in the picture. It was more round and squaty and more fluffy. Like me. Ha! But I chopped off the tip, clipped off the pokey pointy bits and washed it out.

Then I popped it in the rice cooker/veggie steamer that I bought for the daughter last year. I think it’s been used a half dozen times. Here’s a picture of it without the artichoke in it.I have water in the bottom pot, the artichoke in the top, and the lid doesn’t fit. It’s a squaty artichoke but it is still to tall for the lid to go on. No problem. That’s why we have aluminum foil yes? So I covered the top in foil, poked a hole or two in it because the lid on the cooker has an escape valve for the steam, and turned it on. Now the handy little thing about this cooker is that it cooks for only 20 minutes and then flips itself to warm. Or that’s what I think it does. I have an inherent distrust of most things mechanical so I set my timer.  The artichoke looked like this when I took it out.  It smelled like grass. Is that a good thing?  I’ve only ever eaten artichoke in dip. Spinach-artichoke cheese dip. Nice and warm with crackers or tortilla chips. Very very yummy.  Very very fattening. You make the dip with artichoke hearts, not leaves.  There is only a tiny little portion of yummy goodness on the underside of each leaf. Right now I have no dip, no dressing, no anything to dip the leaves in. Will they taste good plan? I think when I’m done eating the leaves I will make this dip out of the heart.  It won’t be much but will give me the taste of whether I like it that particular recipe or not. I know the rest of the family won’t even try it so there’s no point in making a huge amount.

That’s my cooking adventure for the week. Any suggestions on what I should try next week?


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good luck with the LHA… i’ll be right here with ya!!

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