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Posted on: May 7, 2010

I tried out yesterday. I don’t know if I like it or not. I can get obsessive about numbers and measurements and ranges and I really don’t want to do that. There’s a great post over at about why. is  a free website based food diary. You can enter your food choices in 3 ways. They have an iphone app for all you lucky iphone users out there. You can enter directly at the website. You can use Twitter to direct message tweetwhatyoueat to TWYE and it automatically puts it in your diary for you. I don’t have an iphone but I tried the other two ways and it works great.

You start by syncing your Twitter account to Then you go to TWYE and follow them on Twitter. To enter your food all you do is direct message TWYE. For example: “d TWYE apple, 2 crackers, cheese”  TWYE moves the direct message over to your food diary. You can also set up your food diary for public or private.

You can also enter your exercise and calories burned. Just enter the calories burned as a negative calorie.

The biggest advantage I see to this is that everything can be entered through a simple tweet.  This is what my food diary from yesterday looked like.

05/06/10 item calories 05/06/10
2 whole wheat toast 200 08:47 AM
crunchy peanut butter 210 08:47 AM
raisins 70 08:47 AM
tilapia fillet (x2) 160 11:53 AM
steamed veggies 120 11:53 AM
banana 100 01:30 PM
tea 10 02:39 PM
Cake 100 03:10 PM
6 fried shrimp n/a 08:18 PM
1/2 baked potato 60 08:18 PM
baked potato soup 230 08:18 PM
2 crackers 64 08:18 PM
butter 50 08:18 PM
croissant 225 08:18 PM
cole slaw (2 tbsp) 75 08:18 PM
Lindt Lindor truffle DkCchoc 74 09:14 PM

Yes, I can see myself getting way too wrapped up in numbers again. This is not good for me. The good thing about this is that I can turn off the calorie counts. uses what they call CrowdCal. It seems that CrowdCal averages the calorie amount of what other people have entered and applies this to the food you enter. If you know the calories of what you are eating you can enter it at that time. Your tweet will look like this: “d TWYE apple: 80”  By turning off CrowdCal I get the diary and not the numbers.  This will help me mentally healthy. I really want to see that I am eating whole natural foods and not piling on a bunch of junk every day.

Another cool thing about is that you can tell it what foods you want to avoid and it will track how often you eat those foods. That could come in very handy if you are an emotional or mindless eater. I am a mindless eater when I am in the car. One of the best things about my shoulder surgery was that I could not drive and snack at the same time.  After 4 weeks I can see that I am slowly breaking that habit.

I think this can be very good if you are starting out and need to control the portion sizes or need to really keep track of the numbers because you think you aren’t eating very much or maybe you need that visual to see how much you are really eating.  (My day yesterday went over 2000 calories.) But if numbers make you crazy and you start basing your moods off the numbers then it’s just not worth it.

If you went to read Skwigg’s blog post then you know those numbers along with weight are all fairies and unicorns. There’s only so much you can control.  If your calories are coming from crappy food then you will never get the body you want but if you are eating good healthy whole food, nutritious food then you body will have no choice but to get healthier, even if the calorie counts are a little higher than you think they should be. Your body uses GOOD food for fuel more efficiently than the crap.

Ask yourself these questions.

Am I enjoying my workouts?

Am I getting enough sleep?

Do I wake up refreshed and ready to go?

Am I eating mostly healthy whole foods?

Am I drinking plenty of water?

Am I watching my portions?

Am I having fun?

I’m not going to go beserk over a bunch of numbers. Never ever again.


2 Responses to "Tweetwhatyoueat"

I don’t think I would want to tweet my food intake LOL. I do track my food on though.

When you tweet to TWYE, you do so as a direct message. it doesn’t show up on TWYE’s timeline or yours. So it stays private.

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