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New Friends

Posted on: May 6, 2010


My long hot summer challenge started off with a bang yesterday with about 20 new blog post going up showing scale weight and telling everyone what their plans and goals are to keep it moving when the temps soar.

I’ve decided losing weight, losing fat, is a lot like quitting smoking. It’s going to take more than 1 try to get it right. I’ve done this forever. Off and on. I’ve had a few years (not many) that I was where I wanted to be fitness and weight wise and then something would derail me or I would think I didn’t need to do this or that any more and the weight would come piling on.  I’ve had injuries. Mostly I’m just lazy. I know it’s not inherited laziness. My parents at nearly 80 years old are more active than a lot of people I know my age.  I still haven’t worked through the inner catacombs of my mind to find the whys of why I keep quitting. I’ll get a couple of months of good work-outs and eating right and then just quit. 5 or 6 days of I don’t feel like it and then it’s months before I’m back on the wagon.  This time I’ve been out since March. Except for dance practices I haven’t done much of anything. When I found out I had a bone spur on my shoulder and needed rotator cuff surgery that’s when I quit doing everything that made the arm hurt. So at least this time I haven’t been out without a good solid reason but nothing was wrong with my legs. I could have been walking.

Do you know what gets me coming back everytime? Do you know what helps? Friends. New ones. Old ones. Friends I’ve never meet in person. Friends I see every week. And this week? I’ve meet some great new friends. Just look at the comments on yesterday’s post. Together we are going to be more active or stay active throughout this summer and do good things for our bodies.  Just look at the list on the sidebar over there. Those are some fantastic determined bloggers. A lot of them are doing P90X. I’ve heard that that’s the devil’s own work-out. Guaranteed to leave you crippled after nearly every workout. And they are doing it. I am so in awe of them. I am so happy to have meet them and to be a part of this summer with them.

This summer? It’s gonna be hard! There’s going to be cook-outs and beach trips. There’s going to be family births to be celebrated and deaths to be mourned. There’s going to be birthdays and anniversaries along with the stresses of getting the new kindergartners vaccinated for school and getting the college freshman orientated and moved in. And you know what that’s going to mean for us. Juggling work-outs, making a stand against another cake or pie, late night stress eating, fighting off the various sickness that comes from being under too much stress.  This is not going to be easy! That’s why you find friends that have the same goals in mind.  You stick together. You lift each other up. There are people listed on that side bar that didn’t blog their start post yesterday. Did they forget? Or have they given up before they started? Did life get in the way.  Don’t you wonder what happened?

So to all the people that left comments yesterday I say:


4 Responses to "New Friends"

That is the best post that I have ever seen. You sound exactly like me but put everything into better words than I could have.

You have a great talent for writing.

I have never joined WW because I do not want to have to count points. I am fine with counting calories but do not want to have to mess with a point system. Now saying that I have toyed with the idea of joining just for the support. But now I am finding that here in the blog-o-sphere. The friends that I have met in the past month since I have started my blog are amazing. And getting in on this challenge is going to be one of the best things I could do for myself all summer.

I am so excited and very glad that we get to go on this journey together. And I say a big THANK YOU to you too!

Nice to meet you friend. I love making new friends.
We’re going take this challenge and kick it’s butt!

Good luck on your journey and especially this coming summer!!
We are all in this together 🙂

This is so true! Great post! I love new friends!!!!

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