Finally Getting Fit

My Dream. My Goal. My Future.

Posted on: May 5, 2010

I get Notes from the Universe in my email every day.  I want to share today’s message with you.

Never compromise a dream, Debra.
Always compromise on how it will come true.

Knocking on every door,
The Universe

My dream is to be fit. My dream is be healthy. My dream is to not go into old age bordering on diabetes and heart disease but to fly into old age with a healthy heart and healthy hips & knees. I don’t want to forever be concerned about osteoporosis or coronary artery disease.  I want be concerned about my next choreography and pushing grand-kids on a swing or running a half-marathon or traipsing around the beach in a completely age inappropriate bikini.  I dream of being that sparkle in hubby’s eyes again and still being able to do THAT without having to stop because I just don’t bend that way anymore.

But there is no compromise on how to achieve that dream. It’s all about eating healthier and moving my big ol butt. Amen and the end. Little Debbie snack cakes, jelly beans, and DQ Blizzards will not give me the dream I seek. Pizza night and General Tsao’s chicken will not decrease the size of my gut.  Sitting on my butt and watching hour after hour of NCIS will not get rid of these cottage cheese thighs. No compromise. I know what to do. I just don’t do it.

So no more! I tired of it y’all. I’m tired of trying to maneuver my fat butt in and out of the car. I’m tired of being too lazy to DO anything. I’m tired of not being able to breathe when I tie my shoes. I tired of half the clothes in my closet not fitting and the other half looking like they belong to some street person.  So I say NO MORE. NO MORE!  NO MORE!Here I am today.  In all my flabulous glory. I’m a whoppin’:

At 5’2″ that’s not a pretty sight. I’d love to see that at 150. Just to put a number on the dream because there should be something more concrete than “fit and healthy.”  I don’t ever want to see this number again. This month’s goal is to hit 189.

So to help me go from here:

to here:

I have joined this:

I’m gonna fight for my dream because I know it can’t be handed to me on a silver platter.


14 Responses to "My Dream. My Goal. My Future."

Over here from the lha and I’m excited to join you in this challenge! Sounds like you have a great attitude and I’m positive you can make your dreams come true!


You are awesome. I loved your entire post and can’t wait to follow you on your journey. I’m ready too….NO MORE!!! 🙂

Good luck on the challenge….we can do it!

You can do it Deb. Start with the small goals that will lead you to the ultimate goal! You can do it!

Visiting from LHAS to say hi!

As much as I think that you do carry your weight well, I’ll pop in every now and then to kick your ass into gear if needed. 😉


Hi Debra! Thanks for the comment! We are going to rock this challenge. Best of luck to you and look forward to seeing your progress.

I’ll be fighting for my dream too right along side you! We can do it! 🙂

Debra, Great post today! New to your blog from the LHA summer challenge. With this kind of “get ‘er done” attitude, I know you will succeed! I’m right there with you…NO MORE of this being lazy, unfit, and wasting precious time! Best of luck on your journey!!

Thanks for sharing your dreams and great goals! I’m rooting for you 🙂

That was such a great read! I can tell I’m going to love your blog already!! 🙂

thank you for your comment. You’re a belly dancer? That sounds amazing, I would LOVE to try that!!! I know what you mean about wanting to maintain shape while losing weight. I’ve never been very thin, so I’m almost afraid (for lack of a better word) of what I’ll look like. eeeeek!

We’re going to have a GREAT summer 🙂

Visiting from LHAS to say hello!!!
Good luck with the challenge 🙂

I mentioned this over in my comments, but I just wanted to say thank you for your super nice comments. Seriously, they made me all girly and weepy. But in a good way. 🙂
Does this mean that at the end, you will pose in that very same bathing suit?? Just askin’. 🙂

LOL, I LOVE your goal photo. Very reasonable IMO. :o)
Looking at your November photos show a difference already, so I know you’ll be happy with your August photos!

Wanted to drop by & wish you the best for our challenge.
Have a wonderful week!

Wow! AWESOME! This is just so fantastic because honestly I could feel myself in there too. I’m saying NO MORE right there with you!! Let’s do this!!! (btw, thanks for your comment on mine..time to get up out of the mud, and like you said, making happy memories for my kiddos – thanks!)

Us SHORTIES gotta stick together (and one day we’ll rule the world — bwah-haha). Thanks for participating in LHA and I am totally loving your tweets. ♥

Believe me, at 4’10” and 215 lbs in 2008, I can totally feel that speech of yours. 150 is a good, good feeling. You can do it!

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