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Rambling Along. A day of miscellany.

Posted on: May 4, 2010

So tomorrow starts the “My Long Hot Active Summer” Challenge but we’re not talking about that yet. I’m still stressing a little bit over the whole take a full length photo of yourself. I think I may use one from the last dance performance I was in.  It truly does show my fatness in all it’s glory and I’m still about the same weight.

So today has been busy busy. I started with a physical therapy appointment. My torturer tells me I can probably be back in the gym by the end of the month using a light weight for biceps/triceps and maybe some lateral raises. WOOHOO! Doing the happy dance.  Oh yeah. I’ve only got 10 days left from work and I’m trying to make the most of it, getting the shoulder all nice and ready to go so I can put in 100% not 75% like I was before the surgery.  After torture I went around to the ortho office and paid my bill and gave them the paperwork from HR to fill out.  They apparently like to get money but don’t like to get more paperwork. Oh well, too bad. I don’t like it either but some things are just necessary I suppose.

I skipped down to the vet’s office after that. Not really. I drove. It was about 5 miles away and far too far to actually skip. I can’t believe that their computers are still equipped with a DOS based database. It’s so bizarre to see that nowadays. It’s so reminds me of my days of working DB4. Oh! And they still have a form feed dot-matrix printer too. Dang. I can’t believe it still works. I wonder what they’ll do when those things crash? Do you suppose they have it on tape back-up? 5″ floppy? It’s scary just thinking about upgrading all that.

By then it’s almost 11 AM so I swooped into the Kroger to pick-up lunch. I grabbed a bunch of bananas and some frozen tilapia fillets. I’ll do a review on those later.  I wish I could have swooped out of Kroger as fast as I swooped into Kroger but I get to the ONE line that they have open and I’m told it’s moving. So I move over to where she’s going to open and there’s a lady with 10 billion things in her cart in front of me. AR!! Come on I’m starving here!!  But she’s nice and tells me I can go in front of her since I only have two items. Oooh Sweet. Thanks nice Kroger customer. So the little cashier rings up my purchase while this lady is loading her 1 billion items onto the belt… and the keypad for the debit cards won’t work. WTH???? I’ve only got two things. Easy for me to move AGAIN to another register. But what about that lady just unloaded her billion items onto the belt.  I certainly hope they took good care of her. She should have been given a free gift card or chicken dinner or something for all that trouble.

But wait! That’s not all! My day is just getting better and better! I see my sweet little Izzy on the back deck. She’s sniffing around this upside down rolling cooler we have out there. Was that a bird?  I go out and scootch her back inside and lift up the cooler and sure enough. There is a bird’s nest full of baby birds under the cooler.  There just enough room where the handle juts out the mama bird can duck under.  So I’m thinking how in the world am I supposed to keep the dogs out of that? I can’t stand the thought of them killing those babies. Izzy will already eat a frog. YUCK! That totally skeeves me out. :shudder:  I can’t let her get to those birds. So I get the baby gate that we have protecting the cat food from Izzy and put it in front of the cooler. It’s only propped up there but Izzy knows that she can’t go beyond the gate. See her sitting there. She does that same thing to the cat food.  I just have to keep her inside enough so that she’s not always scaring off the mama when she comes to feed her babies.

And I managed to get a quick snap of the ugly little critters. They don’t look like much because they aren’t too long out of the eggs.

I had forgotten this was pizza night. Lordy I can’t wait until all the kids get out of the house and we can dispense with pizza night.  Normally I set it up for delivery around 5 PM but today I ordered from hubby’s laptop and totally missed the part where I set up for future delivery.  The doorbell was ringing at 3 PM with fresh hot yummy pizza being thrown at me. I think I’ve already had 4 pieces.

Today’s food:

Oikos yogurt w/kiwi – 1 twizzler – pecan crusted tilapia w/steamed veggies – Quaker wt control oatmeal w/cranberries and walnuts added – 2 slices Hawaiian chicken pizza, 2 slices 6 cheese pizza.

I am happy to report that I did not eat the leftover cupcake frosting. It sure was tempting though.


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Thank you for your comment! I’m really excited for the LHA summer challenge! Good luck!

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