Finally Getting Fit

My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge

Posted on: April 24, 2010

It is raining cats and dogs here today which truly sucks because 1.) There was an outside expo that the troupe was supposed to dance at and 2.) tonight is prom night and I’d just as soon not have my girl out on wet slick nasty roads.

So I’ve signed up for the “My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge.”

I’ve signed up for so many freaking challenges before I don’t know why I think this one is going to be any better or different than any other one I’ve ever signed up for and not completed. It’s nearly 4 months and I’d like to lose 20 pounds. 5/month. It’s doable if I DO.

There are so many reasons why I never complete and reach my fitness goals but the biggest one of all is that I am Lazy. Down to the bone lazy and it’s easier to sit my fat butt in front of the computer or tv or sewing machine than it is to get up off of it and DO something. Never mind the fact that I love DOING stuff. I love racing on the elliptical to the beats of the music. I love the bun in my quads when I do squats. I love getting applause and kudos from the trainer on Wii Active. But getting me started is so hard. I’m like that old Chevrolet that you have to go out 10 minutes prior to departure and crank to warm up.  Once it’s warmed up it’s all good to go but the longer it sits cold the harder it is to get it going.

Then there’s the fact that I love to eat. Junk. Lately it’s been all about the fried food and jelly beans. I don’t  know. Don’t even ask please. It’s got to stop though before I break my chair.

In other news…

I tweaked my shoulder yesterday. Dangit! All I was doing was adjusting pillows behind my back and it pinched and screamed and ran away like a scared little girl. It still hurts today. Maybe after a nice warm shower it will loosen up and feel better.

Today will be taken up with hemming and pressing the girl’s prom dress. (I don’t know why the heck she didn’t do this last week! She does like to wait until the eleventh hour to do things) Maybe going to the troupe performance at the outdoor expo (not likely with the storms.) And I may just pull out a bellydance DVD and get some movement in.


2 Responses to "My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge"

Boo! to bad weather! And it seems I love some of the same type stuff as you while also suffering from Lazy Bone Syndrome. And look. I also tweaked my shoulder awhile back. Ack!

Here’s to 20 pounds lost! go get ’em, girl!

Nice to meet you! I am excited to have you in the challenge. 20 lbs is totally doable (and healthy) for 4 months. Getting up is the the hardest part, but you can do this! Thanks for joining. 😀

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