Finally Getting Fit

PT Day 1

Posted on: April 23, 2010

Physical therapy went really good. I have good range of motion. I just feel unstable in that shoulder.  In the head too but we’re not talking about my mental status today.  We started off with a warm pack on the shoulder to get everything all loosey-goosey and followed that with the therapist pulling, tugging, and rotating my arm.  Then we went from there to doing some short range of motion exercises at the table. I placed my forearm on the table and just slid it forwards and backwards about 2 times and then in and out about 20 times.  After that I laid on an incline and did 25-30 lat squeezes. Exercise 3 doesn’t have a name. At least, I don’t have a name for it.  It’s a type of abductor exercise. I lay on my back and was given a length of PVC pipe to hold between my hands. I used the left hand to push the right hand as far over as I can keeping my elbows close in to my sides. Then I use the right hand to push the left hand over as far as I can still keeping the elbows tucked nice and close.  After that I was seated in a chair with a big exercise ball sitting on the floor between my legs. I leaned out with my hands on the ball and rolled out as far as I could. The goal is to get my head between my arms. Today I could do it as long as I did it slow. I can feel my shoulder pop and tweak and twinge a little in there as I do this. It’s very disconcerting but according to Les this is what should be happening.

I feel good enough to go back to work but I know deep down the shoulder is just not stable enough to do that kind of thing.  So I’ve got to hang out here for a while longer. Until the middle of March at least.

I got a copy of my surgical report and the doc did indeed perform an acromioplasty.  This is a very graphic but very good video of an acromioplasty. Don’t watch it if you are even a little bit squeamish.  I’ve got 7mm less bone there than I had before and right now I’m not in much more pain than I was before the surgery.

With that said, I’m serious thinking about joining the “My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge” over at The Exquisite Christine.


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