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Posted on: April 15, 2010

Monday was an awesomely boring day. I spent the morning on my ass and then later in the afternoon my bestest ever friend Trish came over to visit. She brought me a beloved fountain diet coke and then we sat around and watched some good, bad, and boring belly dance videos.  I just cannot believe how incredibly tiring it is trying to do everything with one hand/arm.

Tuesday I decided to get adventurous and try driving. Yeah yeah, geez. I know!! Now I know. OMG. It was nearly freaking impossible to get the seat belt on. Driving with one hand is no biggie. I’ve been having to do that for a while before the surgery. The sling is so big and cumbersome but no match for the call of the fountain soda just down the road.  Since I made the 1/2 mile to the store I decide to ride on out to the clinic to get the daughter’s immunization form filled out for college. Getting the ID card out for the gate guards was a little challenge but I managed.  I get her form and find out she never got her last gardisil shot. Crap. Now I have to go out again. I’m not driving it though. My shoulder is achy. Like after a bad cramp but not burning, stinging, horrible.  Tonight I have to ride the 60 miles round trip to gymnastics with her. She doesn’t like driving the interstate alone and I’m worried now that I shouldn’t have made the trip out to the clinic. We get there and I watch her do her thang and get home in time for Glee. After today all I can say is thank goodness for the pain meds.

Wednesday. I do nothing. I lay around and sleep. I get up after noon and shower and wash my hair. It takes for freaking ever with one hand. When the girl get home I make her pile me in her car and we go back to the clinic so she can get her last gardisil shot.  We step into the base exchange to be disappointed yet again by their collection of cute shoes. They have none. Then we head over to the commissary to find egg roll wrappers and dog food. A quick trip through the BK and then we’re headed home. Things I learned today: I have to teach the girl to brake softer.


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