Finally Getting Fit

The Reign of Apprehension

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Wow. Look at that. This place is still here. I’m still here, too but just barely.

My eating has been more horrible than good and workouts have been non-existent except for dance.

I had the MRI on my shoulder 2 weeks ago and got my results yesterday.

I have a spur on my shoulder that tearing the supraspinatus muscle. I have some pain killers to help me sleep and an appointment with physical therapy on Thursday. And I’m probably going to schedule the surgery for sometime in early April. Summer will be busy for me and I want to be well on the road to recovery not sidelined with a frozen shoulder.

Any thoughts from anyone on this? Anyone with personal experience? Please share.


1 Response to "The Reign of Apprehension"

Hope your shoulder does well. Follow the PT as directed and listen to your orhthopedist!

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