Finally Getting Fit

Dem Bones

Posted on: February 3, 2010

I went to the Orthopedist yesterday. I didn’t actually see the orthopedist I saw his PA. Physician Assistant. He seemed a nice enough guy. He got x-rays of my foot and my shoulder. Nothing broken. Nothing weird. Nothing out of place. So I have an insert for my shoe to help the foot.  It looks a lot like these.   I just wear the one and wear it in my sock. I’m told it won’t slip around at all but it will make my foot hurt for a few days while I “get used to it.”  Did they forget my foot hurts now?  The good news is that they didn’t tell me not to run, jump, play on it. 🙂  Yay!

The shoulder is a whole ‘nuther story. They have no idea. “Sounds like rotator cuff.” No shit. The problem is the subscapularis. I’ve had problems with it before in 2008 when I lost nearly all function with the left arm if it meant doing something at shoulder height or above. I flunked the lift-off test.  It was the first time that I could ever remember not being able to something physical that I needed to do. The problem is that I still have full range of motion and I still have full strength.  I just have chronic aching nagging pain that keeps me awake at night and makes things like surfing the internet, doing push-ups, lateral raises, and snake arms a real pain in the neck. Sometimes literally. I can’t let it get that far this time. So I have an MRI next week to see what’s happening in there. I’m really hoping it’s something that physical therapy can fix.


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