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Run Time

Posted on: January 20, 2010

I just finished the 2nd run of the week and I think it’s going pretty well. I’m on week 2 of the Couch to 5K program and using DJ SteveBoy’s podrunner tracks to time my intervals. Thank you DJ SteveBoy!!!

This week is a 5 minute walking warm-up followed by 90 sec runs/60 sec walks.

Sunday was the first run. I missed the first interval. I just couldn’t seem to get my rhythm or breathing right so I cut it short. All the rest of the intervals was right on track. I set my sights and mental goal far ahead (ie. the green mailbox, the street sign, etc) and considered myself lucky when the run interval ended before I got there. I had to find a good place to turn around so I let myself run down a short hill to the next intersection and then at the end of the run interval turned around to head home.  The program ended before I was half-way back. So I started playing the regular music on my mp3.  I did a run/walk interval with “1985” and then 2 Legit 2 Quit started playing. That is just the perfect song to finish to. It’s a 5 minute song and I ran/jogged/shuffled about half of it. It’s just such a fun song.  I was about 3/10th of a mile from my house when the song ended so walked the rest of the way in. It was great!!!

Sunday run/walk: 45 minutes. 2.8 miles. Avg 3.8 mph. Avg heart rate: unknown

Today was the 2nd run:

I live on a road that is a closed circle so we get almost no traffic except for residents and visitors and it’s a perfect 8/10th mile. If I run the short road that connects the circle to the main road then that makes it an even mile. Tonight I just kept to the circle. I bought a new heart rate monitor and wore that to see if I could keep my heart in the training zone of  132-166. According to the heart rate zone calculator at runner’s web 60-70% of my MHR is 132-149 and 85-90% is 161-166. I have the monitor set up to beep if it’s under 132 and to beep if it’s over 166. I hit 132 after the first run interval. Which I did today with no problems. I hit my stride right off the bat and it actually seemed short. I stayed in the training zone until the very last run interval which was around a curve and slightly uphill. I hear the monitor start beeping again and new I was over the 166. Since I don’t want to train anaerobically, I slowed to a walk and cut that interval just a few seconds short. I was in sight of home and walked the rest of the way and back and forth on the driveway to cool down.

Wednesday run/walk: 32 minutes. 1.8 miles. Avg 3.4 mph. Avg heart rate: 139

Here’s my house: Photo courtesy of Google Earth


2 Responses to "Run Time"

Great job! Those podcasts really do help, don’t they?

Great job on the C25K!

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