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Blogosphere Giveaways

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Wow, there’s lots of people giving away lots of stuff.

First off Tricia of Endurance Isn’t Only Physical has a Road ID bracelet to give away. These are great little safety gadgets that you can wear on your run or ride. You get to choose from several types. There is a canvas web bracelet, a rubber bracelet, a dog tag like necklace, a neoprene anklet, a shoe tag, or a shoe pouch.  Go on over and read her post then enter the contest. Her site is awesome and she was chosen by to be one of the most influential runners!

Shelly at My Journey to Fit is giving away a copy of Core Performance Women, by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams. I haven’t read it but she’s got some pics posted and it looks like a very good how-to book loaded with great pictures of the exercises.

Lori at Finding Radiance posted a link to a contest giving away Barney Butter.  I have no idea what Barney Butter is but I was grateful to see it wasn’t bright purple.  I do know that Lori has an awesome blog with great food pics.


1 Response to "Blogosphere Giveaways"

Barney Butter is almond butter 😀

I love almond butter.

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