Finally Getting Fit

3-day review

Posted on: January 16, 2010

I decided not to post every day. I’m not sure I’m creative enough to come up with catchy titles. I also wanted to look at a few days together to see what kind of trends I could spot.

Here’s the nutrition:

Feed the Body 1/13/10

What I Ate Fat/Sugar Fruits/Grains 4-5 Veggies: 4-5 Protein: 4-5
Ham, egg, cheese, honey butter, bun–fast food X G x
Chicken quesadilla, cantelope, strawberries GFF X
Naked Green Machine FF X
1 slice cheese pizza–fast food X G X
Baked spagagna G X X
Baked pita chips and hummus G
Feed the Body 1/14/10
4 egg white, 2% cheese, flat bun X G X
Banana F
Baked spagagna, cantaloupe, strawberries GFF X X
Walnuts, dried cranberries, carob soynuts X F X
1 small pepperoni pizza slice X G
Amy’s Organic Indian Samosa G X X
Baked Pita Chips G
Feed the Body 1/15/10
ham, egg, cheese, honey butter, bun–fast food X G X
Spagana, celery G X X
Almonds, glazed walnuts XX
Zaxby’s Cajun chicken sandwich, fries–fast food XX GG X
True delights granola bar XX G

Right off the bat I see too much fat and too much Grain.  Most of it is whole grains except for breakfast buns and the Zaxby’s. It’s got to change. It’s gonna change. Momma’s not gonna be a fat chick forever! My goal for next week is “No drive-thru” and that means no getting out and going in either. I KNOW that I can make that same breakfast at home a whole lot healthier than what I get the BK. Sure it’s only 290 calories but with the butter it’s nearly 17 grams of fat! OUCH! Also I get a diet coke when I drive thru. When I start my day with the fountain soda my water intake suffers. I’ve noticed I have more knee/hip/foot pain when I’m not drinking all that water.

My shoulder has started hurting again. i don’t know what is doing it. I know sitting at this desk keyboarding and mousing makes it ache a good bit. It must have something to do with the height that I hold my arm or the angle of the motion. I keyboard and mouse a lot at work but have a standing desk so the angle is different and if I’m on the couch with hubby’s laptop my shoulder doesn’t get that achy creaky feeling either. I’ll keep taking my advil and make an appointment with my orthopedic doc soon.

Condition the Body

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Interval training C to 5K Interval training Interval training Dance class rest Interval training

My workouts have been spot on this week. I’m please.  I need to get up early enough on Thursday to get some good cardio or interval training in. The dance class is fun but it’s not “work-out” level for me.

I see much good progress this week and I’m trusting the process to make me healthier.

I’m going out to buy groceries later. I’m going to buy a couple of eggplants and try to make my own Baba Ganouj.  I tried some Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips last week and I think they are the perfect thing to pair with Baba.  I know it’s more grains but if I go heavy on the eggplant a light on the chips it should work out right.

Empower the Mind

I’ve signed up for Notes from the Universe and I’m reading my horoscope daily.  Now now, don’t laugh at my horoscope. I know some people are skeptics (I’m half-skeptic) I get my daily from the Daily Om. Here’s an example:
Consciously choosing to be fully aware and present in each moment makes every experience meaningful and profound. We often go about our daily activities with a sense of mindless disconnection, especially if we don’t find the activities stimulating. If we can instead choose to engage fully in each and every activity, we heighten our awareness of the present moment and feel a greater sense of connection in every experience. We are then able to enjoy our activities more deeply, and our lives become more meaningful and profound. Your feelings of contentment could create a greater sense of fulfillment when engaging in your activities, if you allow yourself to engage more fully in each moment today.

I think that’s some pretty good advice and it gives me a new way to improve myself.


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