Finally Getting Fit

Not the Monday

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Do remember the show Dinasaurs with the Baby that called the Dad “Not the Momma?”  I love loved that show. Dad was say “who am I?” and baby would answer “Not the Momma!”  and just break down laughing at the dad.

So thankfully today is not Monday. This week is moving on and so am I. This morning I moved myself right on out to the local military base to the gym with the indoor track and ran my first day of C25K.  Woot!! It was so freaking cold! The official weather report was “22- feels like 11.”   Yeah, I’ll drive the extra 12 or so miles there and back at O’dark thirty in the morning so I can stay out of the cold. Yes I will.

Feed the Body 1/5/10

What I Ate Fat/Sugar Fruits: 3 Veggies: 4 Grains: 4 Meat/Dairy:3
Banana x
ham, cheese, egg, bun x x x
½ shrimp wrap, lettuce, tomatoe x X x
Roasted brussel sprouts X
Banana X
2 slices bacon, bbq chicken pizza X X X
1 slice cheese pizza X X X
Naked green machine X X

I need to find a healthy pizza to cook for me on Tuesday nights. Okay veterans, tell me honestly. How much damage am I doing with 3 slices of pizza?

Gold star for going to the track:


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