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Grandma’s Good Eats

Posted on: January 3, 2010

Sounds like a Food Network TV show doesn’t it?

I just got back from my Mom’s and in-laws. We go maybe once per year. Sometimes twice. They live in the next state over and it’s a bit of drive to get there and back.  About 6 hours.

I knew the food was going to be an issue. It always is.  Thursday night was a weenie roast with s’mores with my niece and her family. I haven’t seen her in ages and we had so much fun with the bonfire and the fireworks.  Mom had made a big pot of taco soup and it was amazing! Lean ground beef, red kidney beans, pinto beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, celery, taco seasonings…. yummmmmmm.  The night would have only been better if Mom could have been out with us more but it was too cold and wet for her lungs.

Friday was a Wii Active 30-day challenge workout day and my wonderful husband actually un-hooked the Wii and I brought it with me so I wouldn’t miss a workout. 🙂  My dad got up early to watch me. He kept telling me I could all that without some fancy game machine and he’s right. I could. But I know that I wouldn’t. At least not yet. I’m hoping that I get to a point that I will. Friday was the traditional New Years day meal with a lot of extra stuff thrown in. We had black-eyed peas (for luck), cabbage (green for good finances), cornbread, fried chicken tenders, french fries, mac and cheese, and fruit salad.  Left-overs for dinner. I got a lot of studying done and had to take the dog out for walks. They don’t have a fenced yard so I couldn’t just open the door and let her roam free.

Saturday we went to the in-laws. What we thought was going to be a family get together turned out be freaking family Christmas.  You just don’t know how much I hate that shit. It would have been a little better if someone had TOLD us. So we get there with NO gifts.  I would have at least bought all the nephews a gift card. But once again… no one told us anything about what was planned. We didn’t expect it but arrived to the whole Christmas feast being cooked. Turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry jelly, mac and cheese, peas, ham, sweet potato casserole, dinner rolls. And the dessert buffet held a spread of apple pie, pecan pie, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered pretzels… I feel like I’m forgetting something. We had a nice time, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves the kids tolerated the visit pretty good. We played Trouble and Dominoes and that was fun. The 20 year old was more than ready to come home and I can’t blame him. He’s the oldest of the bunch and I’ve told him when he gets a job he won’t have to go with us anymore.

Today was the drive back and the whole day has been filled with bad for me food. Buttery biscuit with chicken fried steak for breakfast. A plain hamburger and corn puffs for lunch. Wings and cheese sticks for dinner. I did get my 20 minute workout done though and got another trophy for burning 1000 calories with the game. I love the trophies 🙂  I’m such a sucker for something shiny.

Tomorrow I have to get up and take my before pics, measure, and go for my run. Day 1 of the Couch to 5K. It’s supposed to be 18 degrees in the morning.  I have my under armor leggings, my dry wick t-shirt and clothes to layer on top of that. I can’t find my hat/face mask though and that worries me.  Y’all, I’m from the South. This kind of cold is not normal!!! If I get there and find that I can’t do then I’m coming back inside and will do all my running in the den. The end. I’m going to run, one way or another.


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Good luck with the run! Once you get warmed up, your body will feel 20 degrees warmer than the actual temp, so you’ll be fine 😀

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