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Goals for 2010

Posted on: December 29, 2009

Tuesday is traditionally free food day at my house because it’s PIZZA NIGHT. I only had two slices tonight but the day was still full of too much fat and sugar.

Feed the Body 12/28/09

What I Ate Fat/Sugar Fruits: 3 Veggies: 4 Grains: 4 Meat/Dairy:3
Ham, egg, cheese, bun X X X
Chicken Minestrone, Brussels sprouts X X X
Banana X
3 doughnut holes X
1 bite size Twix X
1 sl Bacon Pizza X X X
1 sl Pepperoni Pizza XX X X
Pork Roast X
Water :3 liters

Condition the Body 12/29/09

20 minute Wii Active. Day 5 of the 30 day challenge.

I stopped today after the 20 minutes interval workout because I started to get a “crick” in my neck. I think the lunge jumps did it. I hate those things and I’m sure I was tensing up as I did them.


I’ve been asked: What are my goals for the year? I have several.
1. My first goal for the year to be able to run a full 5K. Not run/walk. Run. Even though I’m sure I’ll be slow I want to run.
I’ve already signed up for my first race. The Forsythia Festival 5K fun run.
2. I want to lose body fat. I want a 34 inch waist. Since I’ll be working this body transformation without a scale I can’t use my weight as a goal.

3. I want to perform on stage again. I’m a bellydancer and since I’ve gained so much weight I haven’t been on stage at all. My last performance was Sept 2008. I knew I was large but after I watched the DVD of that performance I was so ashamed of myself. It’s time to get back there under the lights.

4. I want to take clogging lessons. I have been searching and searching for an instructor and can’t find one. So I’ve been trying to refresh my clogging skills with a DVD. It’s boring. I need people. Clogging is one of the most aerobic dance styles you will find. Especially modern clogging. I dream of finding a good class.

5. I want to pass my phlebotomy certification and test for my physician office lab tech certification.

6. I want to pass my JCAHO inspection with flying colors.

7. Run 1/2 marathon by November.
I will need to add some major time management to my list of skills so I have enough time to study between now and the Phleb test. I only have two weeks left. That means I’m going to have to give up some of my internet time until I test.

What do you want to give up in your life this year?
Clutter clutter clutter. I have lived in this house for 8 years now and it’s time to de-clutter. I need to de-clutter the closets, the office, the kitchen…

I need to de-clutter my living space so that mind will be less cluttered also. I just get so overwhelmed by it all.  The time management skills will come in handy here too. Can I find time to practice bellydance, clog, train for the 5K, study for the certification tests, do some sewing, AND clean out some of the crap in my house? Maybe I can give up sleep.
Spiritual Goals? I want to add meditation into my day. Even if it’s moving meditation I want to be able to focus my thoughts to bring more peace and calm into my crowded swirling psyche.

Emotional/Mental Goals?
I want to be less depressed. I swing like a playground swing through highs and lows and it’s tiring. I want to be level without the aid of life-dulling aid pharmaceuticals. (been there done that and it was sad)

What is your dream?
My biggest dream is to have a fit hot body and dance on-stage with an appreciative audience. In August, Mahmoud Reda is coming to Atlanta from Egypt and it would be amazing to be fit enough to be chosen to dance and his welcome show. Even if not, I’ll still sign up to dance for the annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser. I’m GOING to be ready.


1 Response to "Goals for 2010"

I love your chart. And I also like your goal #1 because it’s my very same goal. And woo-hoo! to your #5 goal. get it, girl!

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