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The Transformation Challenge

Posted on: December 28, 2009

So I just signed up for the Bill Phillips’ Transformation Challenge for 2010. I’ve been a part of that online community for a year now and I just quit. I got a small injury and I became depressed and just quit.

No more. I am getting so excited about the new challenge and the new year. I wasn’t nearly this excited last year. I just new I needed a change. Right now I feel electrified! I’ve joined Thia’s Champs for Change: 2010 group and the joint is jumping already.  I don’t think I’ve tried to rush the calendar so much since I was a kid waiting for Christmas day.

Here’s how my day has gone so far.

Feed and Condition the Spirit

Success is never final and failure never fatal. It’s courage that counts.

– George F. Tilton

Feed the Body 12/28/09

What I Ate Fat/Sugar Fruits: 3 Veggies: 4 Grains: 4 Meat/Dairy:3
4 egg whites, flat bread bun x 1/2 X
Steamed veggies, baked sw potato XX X
Roast pork, sf jello X
Oikos blueberry yogurt (ff) X X
Banana X
EFL sloppy joes, flat bread bun X X ½ X
7-layer salad X X

Condition the Body 12/28/09

Workout #3 of the Wii Active 30 day Challenge + 17 minutes of Wii Fit Plus games = 40 minutes

A gold star for the workout today.  I’m short on the veggies and the fruits… always. Man I don’t know how to get more in.  I might can add a fruit mid-morning when I have time at work.  But the sugar is LOW and the fat is LOW and today the water is HIGH!!!! I drank a full 3 liters of water today.  That’s about 3 liters more than I have drank in any 1 day in the past 6 months.  I think I’ll give myself another gold star.

Now I have a delemma… the new challenge starts on January 1 but we all know you don’t have to actually start on Jan 1.     The thing is… I won’t be at home on Jan 1. I will be visiting my Mom out of state. I won’t have access to my scale until Jan 4.  I can take my camera, bathing suit, tape measure. I’m taking my Wii and the Wii Active because I’m NOT missing a single day of the 30 day challenge (and it will give the kids something to do while there) but the scale!?!  How do you start a challenge without a scale to weigh?

Then again, maybe I should. Maybe I should get the heck rid of that thing and use something other than the Jan 1 body weight. I will have my Dec 31 body weight (the last of the year)  Maybe I just use the tape measure and fitness levels for my measurements. I’ve never done that before. To totally get rid of the scale?  I can barely wrap my mind around it!  It’s like an epiphany. Laugh at me if you want but I am sitting here flabbergasted that I even thought of such a thing.

Holy smack… NO SCALE.

I’m going to do it. I’m going to go against all conventional wisdom and do this without a scale. I’m nearly giddy. You’d think you’d need to call the psych ward if you saw me right now.  NO SCALE.

I’m going to set real fitness goals. My first goal: Run 5K.  Rain, cold, wind… I’m going to do this. I’ve wanted to be a runner for ever. I’m more of a shuffler but I think it still counts. I’m going to pick a race right now.  I’ll come back and let you know what I’m going to do.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I’m so excited.


3 Responses to "The Transformation Challenge"

All those stars look very pretty!
Maybe you could try making a veggie smoothie? A lot of people I know throw kale & blueberries & good stuff into a blender — then close their eyes and drink it. (The mix looks awful, but apparently it tastes okay.)
Just a thought.
You’re doing good work!

Spinach smoothies are the key to getting in fruits and veggies. I swear to you that you won’t even taste the spinach. Just put a banana, a bunch of spinach leaves, some cinnamon and maybe another fruit like pineapple in there and blend away with water and ice. It tastes like whatever fruit you have in there, but you can easily get in 2 servings of spinach that way. I don’t do the kale as it is too bitter for me.

I think you are doing well!

I actually have spinach, bananas, pineapple, ice, and water. Maybe I’ll give this a try tomorrow.

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