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Posted on: December 27, 2009

Feed and Condition the Spirit
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
– Jim Ryun

Feed the Body 12/26/09

What I Ate

Fat/Sugar Fruits: 3 Veggies: 4 Grains: 4 Meat/Dairy:3

Instant oatmeal, Orange



Chicken Lo-mien, green peas




Oikos Honey Yogurt, Cantaloupe





Ham Sandwich



2 cookies


Water–24 oz

Condition the Body 12/26/09
23 minute Wii Active. Day 2 of 30 day challenge. 15 minute Wii Active dance exercises.
Goal: 30-45 minutes 


Is it just the carnivore in me or does that seem like too little protein? The hubby seems to think and so do I. But I’m going to give it shot. This is the 1200 calorie plan from the Mayo Clinic Diet. The real Mayo Clinic, not the fake Mayo Clinic diet that went around in the ’70s and ’80s.  I’m thinking before it’s over with I’ll have to add 1 fruit and 1 protein to that list. We’ll see how it goes though.

Motivation: What is it? According to Wikipedia it is the activation of goal-oriented behavior. We hear people say all the time that they are just not motivated or that they have no motivation.  Where does it come from? What does it do?  Your motivation comes from you. Right now, I’m am highly motivated to reach my fitness goals. My motivation comes from the fact that I am most uncomfortable in my body right now. I can’t breath well when I lay down at night. My arms have no where to go when I sit because of all of the belly fat. I want to be comfortable. That is important to me.  I am motivated to exercise using the Wii and the elliptical because those are things that I like to do. It’s not a hardship for me to jump on the elliptical and pedal out a 30 minute workout.  Mind you, I like to sit on the couch and in front of Facebook and Pogo also, that’s how I got in this shape but when it comes to working out the intrinsic motivation and the extrinsic motivation needs to work together.

Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that gets you doing the things you love to do for the act itself. Shopping? I’m on it. Love shopping. Reading? Yep, I’m there. I don’t need an outside motivator to get me to do those things.

Extrinsic motivation is the outside motivator that gets you moving. Size 10 jeans perhaps? A goal to run a 5K or marathon? Money is the biggest extrinsic motivator there is. What would you do for $10,000.

I believe the biggest type of motivation though is self-motivation. Self-motivation comes from within yourself. It is that deep seated view that you can and will do this thing.  If you can keep that spark of self-motivation alive then you will reach your dream, your goal. The question is… How do you stay self-motivation? I often tell people that there is nothing that I can’t do.  That seems to be true for every situation except losing this excess weight. So why can’t I do this? Why happens to me that I continuously fail at weight loss?  I have been as small as 123 pounds. I reach that goal in 1993. I stayed there about a year and every since then my weight has crept higher and higher and higher.  Sure there is LIFE.  Moving, work, stress, parties, dinners, children…. but underneath all that there should be my self-motivation.

I believe that if you depend on outside motivation alone you will not, can not maintain your goal.  How big do the prizes have to get for you to hold onto that 30 pound weight loss? Oh, now it’s 20 with 10 to lose.  Wait, now it’s 10, with 20 to lose.  Oh just screw it! I’m having pie.

There has to be something inside of us to push us to motivate us. Something that will not fade away or break apart.

So tell me, what motivates you? What keeps you going when it’s raining outside? What do you have that lets you say no to that piece of cake or extra helping of guacamole?

(Today’s measurements: Wt: 199.7 BMI: 36.76)


2 Responses to "Motivation"

Great point–motivation has to come from within, or it won’t last!

And for me, having a LONG term investment in my health is key. It’s what keeps me going when I’m tempted to take the easy way out.

I agree, motivation has to come from inside yourself. Even large amounts of money isn’t enough motivation (think biggest loser). You have to do it for you. Great point!

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