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Okra Poppers

Posted on: July 23, 2014

I bought two tubs if fresh okra at the farmers market. My intention was to split it, coat it in olive oil and seasoning and bake it.

But I found a recipe for okra poppers. It was a link on Facebook posted by Low Carb Eating. You can find it here.

Wash and dry your okra. Cut a slit in the okra from stem to near the bottom. Use a small spoon to scoop out the seeds and membranes. The larger pods are easier to work with. Stuff with cheese. Wrap with bacon. Bake.

These were quite tasty and I will make a modified version again some point in the future. They were even good cold.


Archer Farms dark chocolate Himalayan salted almonds will be the death of me.

Farmer’s Market


Berries with coconut cream


Home cooking

Paleo squash casserole, green beans (from the market) almondine, grilled steaks.


Paleo choco chips cookies

Fun shopping:

I wish I had bought it.

I had a nice little brown bag lunch all planned out and then had to go to the main campus. A quick trip to the cafeteria was my undoing.

They had the seafood buffet out. I ended up with 1 fried crab cake (fake crab and wheat), a bunch of boiled shrimp, a piece of baked fish, and some seafood salad. Tons of protein and no veggies. Woot :(

Snacks were fried pork rinds, a peach, and raw nuts.

Dinner was leftovers: unstuffed cabbage rolls, 1/2 avocado and some clean salsa.

Fake sweet treat: almond coconut butter fat bomb.

One of the worst parts of trying to eat clean and working in the medical field is the catered lunches.

Yesterday, this happened:




By the time I made it down this was what was left. I didn’t look at it too hard. I ate my nice clean paleo lunch.
2 egg cups, Brussels sprouts, 1/2 avocado with clean salsa.

It was only later, about 3:30 that I went down and at a brownie bite, a tiny tub of chocolate sauce, and a meat patty off a slider. I have no shame.

Then work was done and I was off to a two hour dance practice.

And this happened:

American Deli has some of the best wings ever. I ate about half the fries. Yes I did.

So honestly the only thing clean I had yesterday was this:


Today I did something different. I stopped at the local Circle K for coffee. I never do that. Mostly because I don’t like paying $2 for a medium cup if coffee. I’m cheap, y’all.

Breakfast: coffee with 2 sugar packets and half & half.



Unstuffed cabbage rolls and a microwaved sweet potato

Snacks: plain fried pork rinds.

Dinner: chicken quesadillas made with the pumpkin tortillas.

I may have eaten a peach. I don’t remember. :(

The family had pizza. I had the cheese and pepperoni off the top of one slice. It was absolutely unsatisfying.

Late night: almond coconut butter fat bomb.

Again no photos. Just diary.

Today was hard. I’m not sure why. I did cheat a little. I’m not proud. Just honest.

breakfast : coffee with coconut milk

lunch: spaghetti, Paleo sloppy joe meat, Brussels sprouts, butter

snack: Larabar
This was probably the mistake that started it all! These things are soooo sweet.

poor choices: cookie bite.
Someone brought cookies to the office. In the box was a white chip cranberry. I couldn’t resist. I broke off a tiny piece. Maybe about an inch square. One bite. That set off the sugar demon.
About an hour later I was pouring BBQ potato chips into a coffee cup.

drive time appetizer yellow bell pepper

dinner fast good burger, no bun. Unsweet tea

I had a good sweaty one hour dance class after that. By the time I got home I only wanted something super cold to drink and a cold shower.


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