Finally Getting Fit

Saturday was a day begging for ice cream. It wasn’t overly hot but me and the girl had been on the go since early morning and I was ready for a break and a treat. I bought a pint of Kroger Private Selection English Toffee Caramel. All my favorite flavors in one. I ate maybe 3/4 cup. Sat on the couch to watch Alabama football and promptly fell asleep. But sleep was not the problem…

Sunday is when the real issues began. I woke in a foul mood. I haven’t slept well but usually that makes me tired not bitchy. Imagine a very gantry woman with PMS mood swings. That’s how I felt. It took me the better part of the day, some door slamming, some foot stomping, and some good fat consumption to figure out just what the issue was.

Sugar. That seemingly innocuous white stuff that gets put in everything to make it taste “good” but does absolutely nothing good for us.

Read here for more: psychcentral

How does sugar affect you?

Several Paleo sites are previewing a recipe from Sarah Ballantynes’s new book.
I got it from here.
Here is what her pic looks like:

Found on Google images.

Here’s mine:


They are good. Very very very sweet. Even though the look like sausage.
Go get the recipe and eat them with coconut whipped cream.

Tips: make them tiny. Like silver dollar pancake tiny. I used a non-stick skillet and didn’t need a whole lot if oil. They did better without it actually. I can’t advise on cooking in a cast-iron pan. I would imagine you need to make sure it is very well seasoned before you try these.

They are sticky. The sugar from the fruits “melts.” If stack them hit the are going to stick together. Make sure you have a biggish platter lay them out on.

Now. Ready. Set. Go cook!

Final brew of kombucha. Piña colada flavor.

My fat snuggle cat

My sweet snuggle puppy

Crockpot Ribs with veggie hash. Cauliflower rice, spinach, carrots

Kombucha and strawberry gelatin pumpkins

Taco stir fry. Taco seasoned hamburger meat, cauliflower rice, kale, carrots, tomatoes.

Breakfast: spinach and zoodles sautéed in lard with scrambled egg

Lunch: spaghetti squash topped with taco meat and zucchini cheese

Dinner: more spaghetti squash topped with more taco meat with a side of okra coated in pork rinds fried in lard.


I love a good busy day and today did not disappoint.

I started the day with grocery shopping. Lots if veggies produce again. Zukes, macadamia nuts, tomatoes, turnip roots, strawberries.

After putting away all the food stuff it was time to start cooking. Coach was whipping up 3 patches of sloppy joes. Regular version for him, sugar free for me, and some unflavored “loose meat” for the girl. I chopped at a spaghetti squash, coated it in oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and put it in the oven. Next time I have to cut one I’m using an ax. Seriously.

Then I started making something called zucchini cheese. I found the recipe on Instagram. Search the tag #zucchinicheese. You’ll find it. I promise. 1 cup shredded zuke, and a sprinkle of shredded carrot. Steam it in a pot for about 8 minutes. Drain the liquid and dump the shreds in the blender. Add a couple tablespoons if coconut oil, some sea salt, a couple tablespoons of gelatin. There may have been other stuff. I don’t remember. Blend it good. Pour it in a wax paper or parchment paper lined pan and chill. It looks like velveeta but taste like cheese. I added some of the sauce from the blender to my sloppy joe meat. It was delicious.



Later my BFF came over for a costume fitting and brought me a SCOBY and some starter tea for kombucha. I’ve never made it before so hope it turns out good. The only big glass jug I could find was at our local grocer. It’s very appropriate as I’m sure the rest if the family thinks most if what I eat is yucky.


Saturday is farmer’s market day. I bought okra, sweet potatoes, Japanese eggplant, some golden Muscadines, and a bottle of farm pressed cane syrup! The grass fed beef people were there and I got a pound of pet food, a mix of ground beef hearts, kidneys, and liver. I also got pastured leaf lard!! Sqweeeee!

I went straight home and popped that leaf lard in the crockpot. I should have cut it up first but I was excited.

Then the girl and I headed to a fabric store. And found a junk store we had never seen before. They had some wonderful stuff but I didn’t buy anything.

The paper skirt was amazing. The tiny windup TV was just like one I had when I was a kid. I loved the red hat with the big pearl hat pin. And that Sonny Bono doll…? OMG! Some crazy and amazing things were there to behold.
By the time I got home my leaf lard looked like this:

Now it’s in my fridge and looks like this:


Today was the revival of the employee picnic at my job.  It should have been called “special employee jean day to stand in 100 degree heat and die just to get a burger, hotdog, coleslaw, and cotton candy day.”   I knew there would be nothing for me but I went with my unit anyway.  I looked around, said hi to a few people, and left.

My lunch was decidedly much better and a thousand times more nutritious.


Okay….it doesn’t look better.  But trust me. It was. More of the roasted Brussels sprouts with mushrooms and bacon. (I think I have one serving left)  Paleo taco meat with Coach’s own homemade taco seasoning, an avocado, and tomato. I added some chopped up tomato to make a poor man’s quac.

I do feel the need to contact admin about the offerings at the picnic. For a facility that prides itself on its diversity it didn’t show that.  There was nothing for the vegetarians (of which we have many) and nothing for the food sensitive.  I guess we’re just expected to roll with it. 


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