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Posted on: August 24, 2014

I went off whole30 yesterday. It wasn’t by accident. It was a knowing decision.

The plan for yesterday was to go get the oil/filter change on the girl’s car, go out to eat, do some shopping.

We got out and one if her tires was flat. We threw some air in it and headed to the tire store. We decided to replace the two oldest tires and get her oil change there. We were near the mall so we went and did a little shopping while we waited. I found a great blue cocktail dress in size 12 that fit like a dream and makes me look fabulous!!

After the shopping the kids wanted food. We were still waiting on the car and the closest place was Buffalo Wild Wings. I knew I’d have some tough choices since I wasn’t able to peruse the menu ahead if time. In retrospect I should have just gotten a loaded burger with no bun. But I didn’t. I wanted lemon pepper wings. But I didn’t want fried. I found “naked” grilled tenders and then made a conscious decision to have them tossed on garlic parm sauce. Butter, cheese, spices. And so ended this whole 30.

I am a rule follower even if my daughter tried to convince me that I didn’t have to stop. And she’s right. I don’t have to stop but I can no longer call this Whole30.

But August 24 is a brand new day with brand new choices to be made.

I had to leave early this morning and go by the tire store. I hate buying tires. I hate going into men dominated areas as much as Coach hates going into fabric stores. $550 later and I have tires ordered.

Breakfast. Coffee, 2 Boars head beef franks
Lunch. Piece of grilled chicken breast, about a 1/4 cup leftover unstuffed cabbage roll, 1/2 avocado, sweet potato
Snacks. Macadamia nuts. Olives. Banana
Dinner. Ground pork patties. Sweet potato with ghee

These started out as meatballs until I remembered how much I hate cooking meatballs. Then I made the rest into patties.

Tropical Pecan Pork Patties
My own creation
1 pound plain ground pork
1/2 bag unsweetened flake coconut
3/4 cup (or so) pecans
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp paprika
1 tsp minced garlic
–or season to taste
1 egg

Add the coconut and pecans to the food processor and whir until chopped fine.
Add spices. Whir again
Add pork. Whir some more. It’ll start to clump.
Add the egg. Whir one last time.
I rolled the mix into 1 Tbsp balls and then smashed them into patties for easier cooking.
Fry in your cast iron skillet or bake in the oven.

Started today with sauteed kale and eggs. It is really quite tasty.

Lunch was unstuffed cabbage rolls and sliced cucumber.

I have dance tonight and have a grilled chicken breast, avocado, sliced cucumber, jicama, and home made baba ganouj for later.

My apologies for all the spelling and grammatical errors.  I’m usually doing this on my phone or kindle and I’m just not the best proofreader. Thanks for sticking around.

35 days to go. Today is day 20 of Whole30 August.

Doing good so far. The hardest thing is eating breakfast. I didn’t make the frittata I had planned.

Saturday was yard sale day. We were out til noon then had to clean up and shower. We took a load of unsold stuff to the thrift store and then went inside to shop.

I found this. It has the vinyl in the album protector and came with the album inserts. All for 99 cents. Sqweeee.

Then we went fabric shopping and I found this:

I’ll be making dance pantaloons out of those. Like these that I made on Sunday.

Dinner Sunday night was beautifully whole30 simple.

Monday was full of busy. I had a boil egg and coffee for breakfast. I though I had a veggie but can’t remember. Lunch was not taken. We weren’t done with the morning patients until 1:30 at which time afternoon patients were already being brought back. Somewhere during the day I managed to eat some jicama and Baba Ganoush and a piece of chicken breast. Although most of the meat was eaten in the car on the way home. When I got home I finished off the day with a baked sweet potato and ghee.

Yesterday started off right. Kale and egg scramble.

I added mustard and a splash of salsa.
Lunch was a boiled egg and I stopped and got a bag if pork rinds to eat before my dance class. 1.5 hours of kicking ass. I lived it and so did the students.

Not a great week so far nutritionally but it is what it is.


Posted on: August 19, 2014

Here are a few more pics of meals I’ve enjoyed on whole30. My days have run together and right now I don’t know what’s what.

The ground pork meatballs. They were good but lacked umami.

The first time I’ve tried sauerkraut as an adult. Those are Boar’s Head beef franks. No sugar. No grains. No MSG.

I think this was breakfast on Saturday. At 5:30A. Before the yard sale.

Sunday was filled with laundry and sewing and grocery shopping. Meals were compliant but nothing special. Leftovers mostly I think.

Hopefully some of this will help you on your whole30/paleo journey. Meals don’t have to be big and fancy. Simple works very well.

Whole30 day 14.

Breakfast: Ground pork sausage balls.  I’ve been eating on these a couple of days now. They look like a kid’s mudpie with torn up paper in them.  They’re kind of bland but they have meat, veggie, fat, all rolled into one bite.  I like them well enough.  I will add a little more kick next time though.


Lunch: Cinnamon skillet pork chop w/onion and carrot, sliced tomato, a little homemade mayo.

Pre-dance: Peach, pork rinds (I KNOW! I have to replace these), olives

2 hours of a kick ass dance class!

Post-dance: More pork balls dipped in the left over mayo, blueberries



Posted on: August 14, 2014

Is memory supposed to improve on whole 30?  

I know I had coffee for breakfast. I’m sure I had something else but for the life of me I don’t remember.



The last of the taco seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, olives, sliced jicama, baba ganoush (not shown), blueberries. 

Pre-dance feast: olives, blueberries, pork rinds, jicama
Post-dance feast: pork sausage meatballs. 


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